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Sometimes finances can get a little tight but when you own a car, truck, motorcycle or other qualifying vehicle you could be able to get the cash you need fast and without a lot of hassle.

What Items Are Needed To Get A Title Loan in Fresno California?

Minimal Requirements on Every Loan

  • Photo Identification: Typically a driver's license or State issued ID card
  • Original vehicle title issued by the state you live in
  • Insurance on the vehicle

Items That Could Be Requested

  • Proof of income. Usually your latest paystub or bank statement
  • Proof of where you live. A utility bill
  • References
  • Other items could be required based on your individual loan application

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Fresno CA Title Loans

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Applying for a Car Title Loan in Fresno, CA?

Some lenders might have their own requirements when you are applying for one of these loans, so always make sure you know and follow the requirements and provide the needed paperwork according to the lender’s instructions. However, you will find that there are many commonalities between them. You will need to have your vehicle and the title, naturally. You also need to have a photo ID issued by the government, such as your driver’s license. You also have to provide them with proof of your current address. They need to know your residence in case you never pay back the loan and they need to repossess the vehicle. This doesn’t happen often, and as long as you are paying your loan, it won’t happen to you.

Is Credit An Important Factor For Fresno Title Loans

Some of the car title lenders in Fresno, CA will also want to have proof of income. Although they do not care about credit, they do care about your ability to repay the loan. Make sure that you pay the loan on time, and that you understand the terms of your loan before you get it.

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  • Whatever you need money for
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